Boston's Best Coffee Experience: The Public Garden

For me, the truly organic coffee experience is when a great brew becomes part of my lifestyle. In Boston, there is no better or more centrally located place to enjoy both the city and some delicious specialty coffee than the The Public Garden. It is a relaxing oasis any time of the year and a must visit for tourists to Boston who want to take in the Fall foliage change color into a kaleidoscope of red, orange, yellow, and amber. 

Keeping the humans company, providing both relaxation and entertainment, is the park's duck population that calls this bucolic garden its home. Watching the quacks, flaps, waddles, occasional brawls, and generally serene floating on the pristine water is a natural and organic coffee drinker's meditation. Watching these entertainers is the perfect way to enjoy a mug of some of Boston's best coffee. 

The other noteworthy residents of this multi-species-park are the squirrels. These critters are not shy. On the contrary, they are ever-watchful, observing us from multiple angles, on the lookout for even the slightest sign of a tasty treat. If you reach into your pockets or make any kind of crunchy sound, they'll move into position. But if the smallest morsel of granola or cereal even wafts its aroma their way, they'll be on you in an instant. But don't worry, they're friendly. We are not supposed to feed these plump little characters. But they don't know this. 

On a summer day in Boston, visitors can enjoy one of the relaxing tradition of time immemorial and hop onto the slow-moving and soothing Swan Boats. In the modern era of gadgets, AI, and constant media impressions bombarding us, this may seem on paper to be quaint and outdated. It is true that this is not the activity I would do on a weekly basis in the park. But once in a while, it is just truly relaxing and fun for families and tourists visiting Boston. Moreover, these boats are part of the backdrop and The Public Garden would not be the same without them. So, it is a good idea to support this service and observe the real swans from an authentic time machine. 

Finally, this beautiful little sylvan glade is simply a great place for a picnic! It is also incredibly easy and convenient. Centrally located to multiple modes of public transportation, including the Red Line, Green Line, and City Buses, along with ample parking, you can spend half the day at the park having a luxurious luncheon and easily shift to street-hiking or formal dinner mode without having to go more than two city blocks. 

This is why The Boston Public Garden is one of my favorite places on a specialty-coffee hike. It is like a city within the city, standing as a throwback to the founding days of this nation as the oldest public garden in the country.

If you need a break from the day or recovery from a stressful week, it's not always the best idea to go on a vacation from which you'll need a vacation. Sometimes, a few hours at the public garden is all you need. As a coffee lover, I know that sometimes the convenience of a local shop is worth the tradeoff in quality. But on the other hand, a Boston Coffee Club subscription is fully automated and brewing a pot at home can be parallel-processed while taking a shower. When you want to make a day of it at one of America's best public parks, I recommend pouring some of Boston's best coffee in a good thermos and truly savoring the day!