Our Story

The Boston Coffee Club's mission is to bring some of Boston's best coffee to the doorsteps of our customers by going to the ends of the Earth. We offer a carefully selected collection of premium, specialty coffees from around the world that represent quality, great taste, and a satisfying experience. 

Our History

It all began almost 15 years ago when the founder, Sunil Sharma, was on a business trip to Costa Rica and happened to pick what appeared to be a cherry from a tree on a drive through the Andes Mountain Range. This first experience with the coffee fruit sparked a journey of discovery for the media and technology executive, including the knowledge that what is marketed as premium coffee by the big brands simply does not meet the mark. This was filed away and eventually, Mr. Sharma and his team of serial entrepreneurs took on the challenge of building an online premium coffee brand. The purpose was to take the complexity out of specialty coffee and offer customers great quality brews.

How it Works

The Boston Coffee Club provides premium coffee that is freshly roasted after our customers place the order, packaged and shipped directly to them. Unlike mass-market brands, our roasts do not sit in warehouses and on retail shelves for weeks or months.

Great premium quality coffee is not about the unnecessary frills and attitudes often associated with this industry. It is about the quality of the beans. We take great care and pride in providing for our customers some of Boston's best coffee in line with the sophistication and tradition of one of America's greatest cities.