Single Origin

Single-origin is the connoisseur's coffee. There is a certain romance to appreciating the flavors of a faraway land. These coffees originate from specific regions of the world and capture the nature of these worlds in their distinctive aroma and taste. A few things make single origin coffees special. 
Unique Character
Floral notes, hints of citrus fruit, and subtle aromas give each single origin coffee its own personality. It tells a story. A single origin can range from an exceptional traditional coffee taste to something that naturally tastes like a tropical fruit extraction. The possibilities are endless for continued exploration. 
Coffee for Aficionados
Single-origin coffees are easy to drink and accessible to anyone who enjoys a quality brew. But they are especially sought after by those for whom coffee is a lifestyle - something to be explored. Either way, they are delicious. Nothing finishes off a dinner party like a satisfying cup of coffee that not only impresses the taste buds, but tells a story well into the evening. 
Regional Taste Profiles
A seed planted in any fertile part of the world will produce a fruit that takes on the special characteristics of that soil and its surrounding environment. Coffee - like wine - is one of the liveliest examples of this. This experience adds another element of fun and enjoyment to the coffee drinking experience. Costa Rican beans tend to be very well balanced. The Colombian variety is a bit bolder. Guatemalan coffee has a bit more natural sweetness. But these are general characteristics. The real satisfaction is in experiencing them first hand. After all, even a sweeter bean ground a certain way and brewed in a particular fashion can take on a bolder temperament.