Blended Coffees

Premium blends also make for a delicious cup of coffee but in a slightly different way than their single-origin cousins. Typically, this type of coffee leans toward more balance, where the strongest notes of each bean are combined. A few things distinguish a quality blend. 


The strength of one bean compensates for the weakest notes of another for a flavor that is consistent cup after cup. These coffees are available year round. Their quality makes them enjoyable as an afternoon treat. Their consistency makes them perfect to wake up on a groggy morning. 


In a single-origin coffee, there are dominant flavors and those that take a back seat. This makes them complex and enjoyable in a certain way. One the other hand, blends are known for each flavor note being balanced by the others. Neither is better or worse. It is simply a matter of what the taste buds crave at the time. We recommend having each type in your cupboard and enjoying both. 


A skilled blending specialist combines both art and science to create the type of sophistication that can rival any fine wine. Like the conductor of an orchestra, the combination of premium coffee beans in the hands of a maestro produces a symphony for the palate. Blended coffees are too often dismissed due to marketing hype. Or, people have been disappointed by the big brands that tout premium quality only to produce harsh, burnt brews with the wrong kind of bitter. Do not be deceived by the "thought leaders" and "armchair quarterbacks." Let your taste buds decide because premium blended coffee is simply delicious!