What a treat it is after a long trip to be welcomed with a smile and a cup of freshly brewed premium coffee. For busy business travelers who are short on time, the quality of the coffee in the lobby and in their rooms would be a reason to stay with the same hotel again and again. By partnering with The Boston Coffee Club, hotels can truly enhance the customer experience of their guests with a delicious and satisfying cup of coffee in the morning, as an afternoon treat, or before that high-stakes business dinner. 

We work with our hotel partners to provide coffee options that match their overall brand propositions. A cheery, upbeat theme may call for a light roast with a citrus fruit profile. Or, maybe your ambiance calls for a brooding dark roast. 

Let's begin with a tasting and we will tailor a selection to your needs, along with a story that helps your hotel to stand out in a competitive landscape. By helping our partners enhance the overall guest experience, we enable them to compete on value rather than price. Contact us for more information and let's have some coffee!