Premium Coffee

Premium coffee takes the enjoyment experience to a whole different level. No longer is coffee drinking just a utilitarian process where we tolerate low quality, burnt, and overroasted brews that taste like sludge only minutes after being served. But we have found that most coffee drinkers are not familiar with what truly premium coffee is. To make it easy to identify, we have developed the following keys to look for. 
Coffee is like wine. Quality matters. It's mostly about the bean and how well it is harvested and preserved. Flavor profiles are sophisticated and vary widely. Volcanic earthiness, citrus fruit, caramel, milk chocolate, cocao, cinnamon, molasses, and bark are just some of the tastes that are present in high quality coffee beans without the need for any artificial flavors or additives. 
Our beans are sourced from farms across the world's most rich coffee growing regions. We have multiple relationships with roasters who are passionate about coffee and committed to fair trade practices. When our customers place an order, green coffee is roasted and packaged fresh, and shipped directly to them. Quality, selectivity, and freshness means that we deliver to you some of Boston's best coffee. We can prove it. Just try a cup. 
Maintains Flavor
Mass-marketed coffee may be advertised as premium. But have you noticed that as the cup cools, it quickly begins to decline in taste? This is because the overheating is used to compensate for the coffee's inherent lack of quality, in the same way that watered-down beer is kept very cold to close the taste buds. 
Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not gulped down. Premium coffee maintans its flavor as it cools and even takes on new notes. A conversation with a friend, a business meeting, or a video conference call can be made that much more enjoyable with a delicious brew that is patient and waits for you like a loyal companion. So, slow down and enjoy a cup. If your coffee does not cooperate by maintaining its flavor, then it is not premium. 
Easy on the Stomach
Although people have come to expect an upset stomach after a cup of brew, premium coffee does not do this. Simply put, it is just coffee. There are no chemical and additives. The beans are not burnt and overroasted to cover up a lack of quality. Gentleness on the stomach is among the first benefits coffee drinkers rave about once they experience premium coffee. 
You Like Drinking it Black
Lots of sugar, cream, and milk are used to make coffee tolerable. This is because the beans that are used to make the brew are of low quality. Fancy marketing, expensive machinery, and experienced baristas cannot overcome the lack of quality. It's all about the bean. 
"Now I see why people drink coffee black" is a common expression among people who have premium coffee for the first time. There is no need to cover up something that is delicious. Whether you still want to add a bit of milk or honey then becomes a choice rather than a compulsion. We still recommend drinking coffee black and leaving those other ingredients for a milkshake.